Fort Lauderdale Boat Show - Get in Ship-Shape!

One of THE highlights of the year here in Fort Lauderdale is the annual boat show, and it's just around the corner!


Even if you have no plan on buying a boat this or any year, it is a terrific event.  There is food, drinks, and pretty girls showing pretty boats.  You will see huge, mega-yachts from around the world, as well as thousands of boats in all shapes and sizes and state-of-the-art accessories. Last year we saw this James Bond-like personal scuba propeller, and wanted it badly!

Some of the ships are complete fantasies - we don't know who owns these floating mansions. We can imagine the parties on these decks, the champagne poring - and we can imagine the fuel bills!

The vendors are there to sell their wares, and are very approachable. Each is a salesman, eager to talk to you about their products. We once talked our way onto a mega yacht that rented for $450,000 a week. But that did include all the food and drinks. Hey - if you're going to dream - dream big!

The weather in October is still warm, usually, so it is a great day to be walking around the docks. The ships deck hands will ask you to remove your shoes before you board, so don't wear your hole-y pair of socks.

Leave your wallet at home, lest you be tempted to plunk down your retirement fund on a dinghy.

Mark your calendars and make a plan to attend!

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