Ft Lauderdale Beaches

Ft Lauderdale Beaches are great! When we're in town, we go for long walks along the stretch of beach outside of our condo and enjoy every single minute of it.

To the left is a picture of the beach cabanas at the condo next door. There's just something about the ocean and beach that's so calming and puts life in perspective. For a true Zen-like experience, take your walks at sunrise or sunset.


There are 8 main beach areas within the greater Fort Lauderdale area covering 23 miles, running from North to South they are:

Deerfield Beach is the most northern of the Ft Lauderdale beaches and has a lot to offer.  It also happens to be one of the cleanest beaches around, although in our experience all the beaches in the area are clean. There is a great pier that stretches far out into the ocean where you can watch the surfers do their thing while you bask in the sun and cast your line out to sea. They also have volleyball courts and recreational areas just north of the pier and a small commercial area with stores and restaurants. We used to rent a place in Deerfield and always enjoyed the beach activities.

Hillsboro Beach is the most tranquil of all and best known for the famous Hillsboro Lighthouse. It's a really quiet beach by all standards which is probably why there is more than your average amount of Sea Turtle nesting on this particular spread of beach. It's the perfect beach if you want to spend a quiet day outdoors.

Pompano Beach holds the distinction of having the warmest and clearest stretch of coastline in South Florida which is apparently due to a bend in the Gulf Stream. Still, we have to admit we don't go to the beach here as often as we do other places. Most of the beach areas in Pompano are residential and we have that right outside our door.

Walking Under the Pier in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on our Daily Beach Walk
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a charming little town. Our place happens to be just south of here, half way down towards the main strip of Ft Lauderdale Beach so when we take our daily walk northward we hit this quaint little hamlet. The beach at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is flanked at the south end by another impressive pier and a quaint area of small shops, cafes, and restaurants however the further north you walk up the coast the quieter and more secluded the beach gets... so where you decide to lay your towel down is entirely up to you and your mood for the day.

Fort Lauderdale Beach is the busiest with large luxury hotels situated directly across the street along with many little shops and restaurants. Since our place isn't very far north of here, we walk this particular beach almost every day. There are always lots of people around but the beach is never really crowded so you can always find some great spots to people watch and enjoy the sand and surf. Since the beach extends both North and South for miles, it's easy to find just the right spot for your perfect mix of people and beautiful scenery. There is also a great promenade that runs along the main area where people walk, jog, blade and hang out.

A Lush Strip of Secluded Beach not far from Dania
Dania Beach is just south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport and is an area best known for Antique shopping. However, the beaches here are one of the best kept secrets in the State with beautiful stretches of quiet sun-kissed sand and an impressive fishing pier. Top all of that off with John U. Lloyd Beach State Park which is a great spot for kayaking, swimming and picnicking and you've got a great vacation spot.

Hollywood Beach has a certain retro feel about it with a boardwalk that runs for 2 1/2 miles up and down its shores. The boardwalk has tons of little shops and restaurants which both locals and tourists enjoy. The beach itself is broad with white sand and is one of the area's favorite dog beaches.

The beaches at Hallandale Beach are quieter with more of a residential feel. Although the coast is dotted with high rise condos there isn't a boardwalk or center hub along the beach so it's perfect if you're looking for a little tranquility and serenity.

The Greater Ft Lauderdale beaches offer everything anyone would want. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to spend a restful day, a busy coastal area to people watch or anything in between you will find it here.

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