Fort Lauderdale Weather in August

South Florida's Hottest Month of the Year

Very similar to July, Fort Lauderdale weather in August is an interesting mix of intense heat, fleeting afternoon thunderstorms, beautifully warm seas and crystal clear blue skies.

Hotels are chock full of tourists and the bars and cafes along the beach are filled to the brim with happy vacationing patrons.

August is hot and humid with average daily temperatures in the 90s. Even at dinner time the thermometer is often well above 80 degrees so if you're coming for a visit in August pack light both in the number of items you bring (because you'll be in your bathing suit most of the time) and the type of clothing you pack.

2016: Both Broward and Dade County are on alert for the Zika virus. Close to a dozen cases were confirmed for Dade County while Broward seems to be out of the woods for the time being. Canada, for one, has issued a travel advisory for those who are pregnant or looking to get pregnant for travel to both counties. Get informed before you come down here if you fall into either category...and don't forget the bug spray!
Fort Lauderdale is very casual, there is hardly anywhere you won't be comfortable going to in shorts.

Average High in August: 90°F
Record High in August: 106°F (1996)
Average Low in August: 77°F
Record Low in August: 66°F (1981)
Average Rain in August: 8.02"
TIP: Keep a bottle of water and sunscreen with you at all times while outside and wear a hat because the intense heat can sometimes be debilitating.
Hurricane season is starting to peak towards the end of the month due in part to the warmer ocean water. Even though August brings a much better chance of tropical storms to South Florida most of us who live or vacation here give it little thought knowing that if anything is heading our way that we will be given ample notice and can adjust our plans accordingly.

August is a great month to be down here especially if you're a nature lover. Not only are the Sea Turtles busy building nests along Fort Lauderdale beaches but marine life everywhere seems to come out of hiding.
The crystal clear calm water makes it easy to spot all sorts of fascinating things as the fish and other creatures make their way closer to shore.

Fort Lauderdale weather in August brings summer to a close with a bang and warms you up nicely for the winter ahead.

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