Fort Lauderdale Weather in July

South Florida—Felling Hot! Hot! Hot!

What can we say? Fort Lauderdale weather in July can only be described as hot! Humidity levels are rising and everyone is cranking up the air conditioning.

With average high temperatures in the 90s, July is likely the hottest month of the year down here in South Florida with August coming in a very close second.
2016: We just got back from spending the month of July in Fort Lauderdale and it was a textbook month. Hot, humid and sunny every day.

However, we did feel that there were less thunderstorms than in previous years. In past years, we remember daily thunderstorms that pass through quickly and then head back out to sea. It was also windier than normal for July, but the wind was a welcome addition given the heat. We've said it before but if you enjoy spending your day at the beach Summer is the perfect time to experience South Florida.

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Tourist season at this time of year is hitting its stride with singles and families flocking down to Fort Lauderdale for summer vacation.

What they quickly come to realize is that there is a huge difference between being at the ocean and inland on hot summer days. With the ocean breeze and refreshing water, the intense heat of July is barely noticeable when hanging out at the beach. On the other hand, when you find yourself inland, intense heat just seems to generate from everywhere especially the asphalt beneath your feet. But don't worry, air conditioning is everywhere!

On those really hot July days try to limit your outdoor activities (especially if you aren't near the ocean or by a pool) to early mornings and late afternoons. Between 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM the sun's heat is just so intense and can be very dehydrating. So midday is a great time to check out South Florida's malls and movie theaters.

Average High in July: 90°F
Record High in July: 100°F (1998)
Average Low in July: 77°F
Record Low in July: 63°F (1947)
Average Rain in July: 6.14"
TIP: Always keep a bottle of water and sunscreen on hand while outside. A Sunhat or baseball cap are also good ideas because the intense heat can sometimes be debilitating. So always be prepared!
July’s heat also brings with it those famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms. The claps of thunder and incredible lightning are a wonder to see. If there is lightning in your area make sure you take shelter, lightning strikes are a big problem in South Florida with many people getting seriously injured each year. As long as we are safely indoors, we actually enjoy them and the spectacle they make. They rarely last more than a few minutes blowing quickly overhead and back out to sea. 
TIP: When driving, don't be too shy to pull over to the side of the road during one of these afternoon storms. Driving can be quite dangerous when the Florida sky opens up because windshield wipers just can't keep up with the downpour.
Fort Lauderdale weather in July is an intense offering of more heat, more thunderstorms, and more sunshine—all in all, a better time.

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