Fort Lauderdale Weather in March

South Florida's Picture Perfect Month

Spring is in the air! Fort Lauderdale weather in March is picture perfect. The cooler months are now a thing of the past and there is not even a hint of the high humidity of the upcoming summer season.

March has to be one of our favorite times of year down here in Fort Lauderdale.

Spring break in this town is legendary—but those notorious large gangs of out of control college partiers are long gone and have moved on to other pastures. Instead, the restaurants and bars are now full of happy patrons (mostly families, young adults and retirees) who come here to enjoy everything Fort Lauderdale weather in March has to offer. 
TIP: As 'Spring Break' goes into full swing (which is from Mid-February to the end of March), be sure and book your air travel and accommodations early to ensure availability and get the best deals. 

Average High in March: 80°F
Record High in March: 93°F (2003)
Average Low in March: 65°F
Record Low in March: 31°F (1932)
Average Rain in March: 2.88"

2015: Although this winter hasn't been great weather-wise so far, they are predicting near average temperatures for March and maybe even a little above. Either way, we love being down here in March because the days are longer and you really start to feel the sun's heat.

March is also the start of Sea Turtle nesting season and runs right through to November. The mother turtles come ashore during the night all along Fort Lauderdale's Atlantic coast leaving behind a nest full of eggs which are carefully monitored and protected by Municipal officials.

All of the beach communities cooperate by turning off their lights at night, making it dark and safe for the nesting process. Once born, the hatchlings instinctively head towards the brightest light which should be the open sky night reflected in the ocean but they sometimes get confused by man- made artificial light and head in the wrong direction.

That is why most beach front properties block any and all ocean-facing artificial light.Our building turns off all our ocean facing lights in the common areas. Even a small window in our building's stairwell door is blocked during this period just in case the hatchlings mistake it for the moon.

So if you take a walk along the beaches at night during Sea Turtle nesting season, don't be surprised if you run into one of these amazing creatures.

Fort Lauderdale weather in March is really ideal. With little rain and some of the most beautiful days of the year, it's a little bit of paradise right here on earth. So don't think twice about coming down to Fort Lauderdale in March.

Visit Ft. Lauderdale Weather to see our monthly breakdown so you know what to expect when visiting.

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