Fort Lauderdale Weather in February

South Florida's Starting to Leave Winter Behind

With the two coldest months of the year behind us Fort Lauderdale weather in February is ideal. The days are now getting noticeably longer and although the average temperature is not that much warmer than in January, the month is sprinkled with some hotter days.

Average High in February: 77°F
Record High in February: 94°F (1964)
Average Low in February: 62°F
Record Low in February: 25°F (1947)
Average Rain in February: 2.06"

As the rest of North America is still frozen in mid-winter, Fort Lauderdale maintains its tropical climate.
Depending on how susceptible you are to the cold you may still need that light sweater in the evening (especially if you are dining along the coast) but as the month progresses it becomes less necessary.
Vacationing Northerners can pretty much assume that they will be able to shed their parkas and sit by the pool in bathing suits, and go home with a Florida tan. Admittedly, Mother Nature can sometimes throw a wrench into things both in January and February (and did she ever in 2010!). Keep in mind that a short vacation is more than just about heat, it's a change in scenery and routine.

2015 Update:
2015 hasn't been a great year for weather down here so far. It's been cool and cloudy. It hasn't been a great year anywhere in North America for that matter so we really can't complain.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts a little more rain than normal this month (for dry season) with warmer temperature only reaching us towards the end of the month. Let's face it, given what they've been getting up north we'll take anything South Florida wants to dish out in February!

With March just around the corner, you can feel the effects of spring on Fort Lauderdale weather with gentler breezes and calmer seas. February here is a terrific time to take advantage of mild temperatures and get a head start on Spring. It will always be warm enough for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, diving or just hanging out and grabbing a beer watching the tide roll in and out and feeling a bit sorry for everyone that isn't you. (But just a bit).

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