Ft Lauderdale Weather

Ft Lauderdale weather is as good as it gets, most of the time—that's why so many snowbirds flock here in winter or others, like us, come back and forth all year long.

The weather in Fort Lauderdale is an almost tropical rain forest climate with little variation in temperature from month to month and like all of South Florida is thought of as having only two seasons.

While in winter (the dry season) it rains from time to time, Summer is considered the rainy or wet season (basically May through October)—but don't let that scare you—the weather can change on a dime regardless of the season—one second it's beautiful and sunny without a cloud in the sky and the next thing you know, it's as dark as night and you are in the middle of a huge thunderstorm...then ten minutes later the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky.

Our own non-scientific thoughts on this strange yet consistent Fort Lauderdale weather pattern is that Florida is long and skinny with a flat topography extending between two large bodies of water. This allows the winds and weather in general to move freely from one coast to the other passing quickly over Broward County on its way back out to sea. There probably isn't a grain of truth in this theory but it's our story and we're sticking to it! 
The point is that it rarely rains for very long, so even when it's rainy season or all the forecasts show a 90% probability of rain, more often than not it means that it will rain at some point during that day, but from what we have witnessed over the years, that rain will rarely last very long.

Summer here is definitely hot and humid with average high temperatures of 86-90°F (30-32°C) and lows of 71-76°F (22-24°C). For some, that is Paradise. For the rest of us, being on the beach on those scorching hot days with that familiar refreshing ocean breeze makes the tropical climate not only tolerable but extremely enjoyable. Plus, there's air conditioning everywhere!

Winter, or the Dry Season, runs from November through April. Average high temperatures of 75-82°F (24-28°C) & lows of 59-66°F (15-19°C) makes winter in Ft Lauderdale more like summer on the rest of the continent. That's what makes Fort Lauderdale weather so great all year around.
There's at least one more season that one needs to be aware of when it comes to Ft Lauderdale weather—that is hurricane season which extends from June 1st to November 30th, but don't worry... Been there. Done that! We'll fill you in on our 2005 encounter with Hurricane Wilma another time.

Although the weather in Fort Lauderdale is pretty good all year long, our month-to-month snapshots will give you more details on what to expect weather-wise and a few tips to keep in mind depending on when you're coming down.

January Weather
S. Florida's Coolest Month of the Year

July Weather
Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!
February Weather
Fort Lauderdale is Leaving Winter Behind

August Weather
Hottest Month of the Year.
March Weather
The Picture Perfect Month

September Weather
Still sticky. Still beautiful!
April Weather
The Perfect Mix—Fort Lauderdale in April

October Weather
Another Picture Perfect Month!
May Weather
South Florida's Intro to Summer

November Weather
Humidity Breaks. Beautiful as ever.
June Weather
Here Comes Summer!

December Weather
Ft Lauderdale Weather—Closing the Year with Lots of Sunshine.
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