Fort Lauderdale Weather in December

South Florida closes the year with lots of sunshine!

Although historically one of the 'coolest' months of the year, Fort Lauderdale weather in December is still very pleasant. An occasional cold front can bring some very cool air down from the north but that rarely lasts more than a couple of days.

December 2015 was an exception and particularly cold and frankly pretty miserable, as was the rest of the season. The occasional little cold spells which we expect lasted way more than a few days. In all our years of coming down here, we have never experienced such a lousy winter and nothing like the averages we outline below.

Yay! For The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

We've talked and written about it before here and here and we still believe that the Water Taxi is still one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

We try to take it at least once, every time we are down here and this summer was no exception.

Originally they had just one route sailing along the canals of Fort Lauderdale but now they actually have 3 routes, one extends all the way down to Hollywood and the other services New River.  With 3 distinct routes, they now have transfer stops so you can hop from one route to the other.

Fort Lauderdale Weather in November

The Humidity Breaks and Dry Season begins.

High humidity is gone at this time of year. Fort Lauderdale weather in November is the start of the dry season with warm days and cool nights.

Driving along the beach near the strip of hotels along the beach

Although still Hurricane Season until the end of the month, the cooler ocean waters make any sort of tropical storm pretty rare. The winds tend to pick up at this time of year so the coast can get pretty breezy some days while the temperature remains warm. The winds also tend to bring in some rip currents so be aware of that when going into the ocean.

Fort Lauderdale Weather in August

South Florida's Hottest Month of the Year

Very similar to July, Fort Lauderdale weather in August is an interesting mix of intense heat, fleeting afternoon thunderstorms, beautifully warm seas and crystal clear blue skies.

Hotels are chock full of tourists and the bars and cafes along the beach are filled to the brim with happy vacationing patrons.

August is hot and humid with average daily temperatures in the 90s. Even at dinner time the thermometer is often well above 80 degrees so if you're coming for a visit in August pack light both in the number of items you bring (because you'll be in your bathing suit most of the time) and the type of clothing you pack.

Fort Lauderdale Weather in July

South Florida—Felling Hot! Hot! Hot!

What can we say? Fort Lauderdale weather in July can only be described as hot! Humidity levels are rising and everyone is cranking up the air conditioning.

With average high temperatures in the 90s, July is likely the hottest month of the year down here in South Florida with August coming in a very close second.
2016: We just got back from spending the month of July in Fort Lauderdale and it was a textbook month. Hot, humid and sunny every day.

However, we did feel that there were less thunderstorms than in previous years. In past years, we remember daily thunderstorms that pass through quickly and then head back out to sea. It was also windier than normal for July, but the wind was a welcome addition given the heat. We've said it before but if you enjoy spending your day at the beach Summer is the perfect time to experience South Florida.

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